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Vükivödabuk:Sysop access

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Request sysop/bureaucrat access here

Requests for sysop status[redakön]


I request sysop access on the Volapük Wiktionary. Malafaya 14:08, 2008 mayul 14id (UTC)[reply]

Sysop rights granted by Spacebirdy. - ~Innvs: 04:26, 2008 mayul 24id (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for your support. I now have 6 months of adminship. Malafaya 12:57, 2008 mayul 24id (UTC)[reply]
This voting is still open for permanent adminship. Thanks, Malafaya 23:40, 2009 yunul 26id (UTC)[reply]
I support. --Ooswesthoesbes 17:12, 2009 gustul 17id (UTC)[reply]
I'm requesting temporary adminship extension, since there is no significant community here. Any objections? Malafaya (talk) 14:41, 2012 prilul 11id (UTC)[reply]
I'm requesting another temporary adminship extension. Again, any objections? Malafaya (talk) 22:51, 2013 prilul 26id (UTC)[reply]
Yet again, another temporary renewal is in progress. Objections anyone? Malafaya (bespik) 15:59, 2015 mäzul 27id (UTC)[reply]

And once again, renewal is due. Any objections? Thanks to all, Malafaya (bespik) 13:46, 2015 setul 28id (UTC)[reply]


Hey. I would like to ask the community for temporary admin status to help with the interface. In internal Affairs I'm not going to climb, but only fix some JS and CSS. I am an administrator in large projects (in many). Thanks. OlegCinema (bespik) 05:46, 2018 yulul 2id (UTC)[reply]

Requests for bureaucrat status[redakön]


I propose granting bureaucrat status to User:Smeira. He is a very dedicated user and this will also provide more autonomy to this project by having its own bureaucrat. Malafaya 17:38, 2008 febul 20id (UTC)[reply]